[PD] (GEM) 0.87; pix_film; documentation

ChaoShaman at aol.com ChaoShaman at aol.com
Thu Apr 11 03:08:48 CEST 2002

'lo again.

thanks IOhannes for getting the 0.87 win32s up.  and the glut.dll followup.  
it fixed my problem as i was typing up a similar question.  

What are the differences between pix_movie and pix_film.  when i try to 
replace my movies w/ films, the vid loads but wont render anywhere. i tried 
adding a pix_texture, and/or pix_rgba, and square vs cube. nothing. what am i 

gripes and brainstorm. does this list have an archive? my mailbox is full of 
other stuff and would like to see PD/GEM correspondance in one place.
    IMHO, because of a lack of current documentation for some of the newer 
objects and functions, many of us are tripping over simple things a comment 
or 2 might fix, if you dont have time to make a .pd for the /doc.    (the 
whats new stops at .84.. )  I'm making my own documentation and base modules 
as i learn, but lack of reference on film, movie, few others, and some basic 
valid/necesary msgs/wiring to get it to work is difficult.

maybe im just not as quick as some of you coders or ppl familer w/ 
max/msp/jmax/c++/etc. (if im looking at the .cpp/.h for an object in notepad, 
what can i discern from it as far as valid inputs, outlets, etc??).


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