[PD] Laptop+Linux+PD+LowLatencySoundCard

Ali Azarbayejani ali at alchemy3d.com
Fri Apr 12 20:08:28 CEST 2002

martin pi wrote:
> concerning laptops, there are
> compatibility lists out there about
> this. a rather good one with how-tos and
> stuff may be found at
> http://mobilix.org/mylaptops.html

Thanks for the pointer.  There's also linuxcare.com that does general
certifications.  Unfortunately they don't do tests for PD/Soundcards...

Maybe I can re-target my question more carefully...does anyone out there
actually use PD on a Linux laptop?  If so, what model laptop, what
and how is the latency?  Thanks.

Jonathan Nelson wrote:
> hey, just wanted to mention that you should browse rme's site
> (rme-audio.de) and find the address of their newsgroup.

I found it.  Seems to confirm what I gleaned from the PD list...Linux is
not currently supported for the Multiface, although Mr. Paul Davis may
be working on it.  This is recent info...about Apr 3 2002.


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