[PD]A Unified windows Library.

jfm3 jfm3 at ouroboros-complex.org
Tue Apr 16 20:10:19 CEST 2002

My general policy on pure-data.org has been to link whatever file had
the source archive in it. In many cases this is the version with the
linux binaries, but no windows binaries. If one were to submit a
download that was to a package with windows binaries in it, I would
gladly include it, but as it is I have been the one to add 99% of the
links to the download listing, I needed to somehow make my volunteer
work load manageable. Of course, this makes Yves D. send me hate mail
regularly, as if I am somehow poisoning the well, working around the
clock to subvert him personally.

(Note that since my day job is as an Open System evangelist, including
Windows software on a web site I run privately is a real danger to my
career. But I do it anyway since I want to see Pd enjoyed by as many as

I would suggest that you use pure-data.org as a starting point for links
to "every" Pd object (I'm sure some have been missed). Use the
"homepage" link for a particular download to see if there is a windows
binary-only release for the package. If there is, you might consider
submitting that as a link on pure-data.org. You can put "(Windows
Binaries)" or "(Windows Binaries Only)" after the name, perhaps. I will
then approve them right away, for all to benefit from. Perhaps then all
these voodoo-doll affects on myself and my family will stop...

On Tue, 2002-04-16 at 13:55, Rory Walsh wrote:
> I have decided to create a library of ALL the
> "windows" externs I can find, it's basically for the
> students here in the lab so they don't have to
> waste time looking for and compiling extra externs. I
> think it's a good idea, especially for educational
> purposes so I'm going to give it a go. If any of the
> developers out there do not want me to include there
> objects please let me know. The names and websites of
> all the developers will appear in both their source
> code and in the help files for each of their objects. 
> I'd also like to do this in Linux but my Linux skills
> are not too great! Sorry.
> Rgards,
> ROry.

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