[PD] Pure-data.org

David Sabine dave at davesabine.com
Fri Apr 19 00:55:43 CEST 2002

My apologies...I have recently discovered the error I made.  I suppose it
was VERY late last night when I attempted to sign-up at pure-data.org.

(I'm as guilty as anyone of not reading instructions before opening my mouth
and revealing to the world my ignorance)

Sorry...and please disregard my previous message.
Dave Sabine

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> Hello,
> Kudos to the new design of pure-data.org!  It looks like a much more
> powerful website than the previous version.
> I have a problem however, and I hope that the webmaster of pure-data.org
> a subscriber of this list.  (I tried to find an email link or submission
> form on pure-data.org so that I could ask this question but I could not -
> hence, I'm using this list to ask instead.)
> I tried to register as a new member of pure-data.org so that I could
> participate in the surveys and other fun stuff.  However, when I
> I was not provided with a text box wherein I could place my email address.
> As a result, the page warned me that there was a "problem" with the email
> address that I had entered.
> Then, to find an alternate method of entering my email address, I tried to
> login.  I was assuming that there would be ways of managing my 'account'
> once I had logged in.  However, my username and email address was not
> Perhaps I'm impatient and need to wait until either my account is
> authorized, or until the database is updated (if it's not real-time).
> In either case, I'm left with one problem and one suggestion:
> Problem:
> 1.  How can I activate my account on pure-data.org?
> Suggestion:
> 1.  If the registration process requires a valid email address, then there
> needs to be a text field on the registration form for that information.
> Many thanks.
> and sorry for using this list for non-PD messaging.
> Regards,
> Dave Sabine

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