[PD] Shabby~ (also flext)

Josh Steiner joschi at eds.org
Sun Apr 21 20:56:19 CEST 2002

[nbx] is new in pd 0.35 so i assume that shabby requires that version of

On Sun, 21 Apr 2002, Larry Troxler wrote:

> Hi Frank, 
> What version of pd have you been developing shabby~ on? I tried it with
> pd-0.34.2 and it seems the help patch doesn't load - it can't create
> objects like "nbx".
> However it could be some strange gcc version problem. Rather than
> installing gcc 3.x, I built both flext and shabby~ with the Redhat gcc
> 2.96 after changing the makefiles to disable optimization (-O0). This is
> under of the assumption that the reason gcc 3.x is recommended is
> because of the optimization bugs in the earlier gcc. But I could be
> wrong, and I will soon go ahead and install gcc 3.x.
> A question about the install paths: I'm sorry to have not followed this
> discussion, and I guess I will have to look in the list archives. Has
> some decision been reached on a standard for pd paths? I ask this
> because until now I have no /usr/lib/pd/extra directory. Most things I
> install in /usr/local/pd/externs/* .
> Finally, a question about what shabby~ does (realizing that if I had it
> running, I might not need to ask): I surmize that shabby~ mixes together
> the results of waveshaping synthesis on a number of polynomials, and
> that each inlet is the amplitude of an x-axis sine wave that is used for
> lookup in the respective polynomial. But what I am confused about is the
> harmonic content of each of these polynomials (which of course depends
> on the amplitude of the driving sine wave, i.e. with waveshaping, the
> harmonic content is richer with higher driving amplitudes). Can you
> maybe clarify my muddled mind?
> Regards
> Larry

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