[PD] comments and newlines .

Larry Troxler lt at westnet.com
Mon Apr 22 02:13:04 CEST 2002

On Sun, 21 Apr 2002, joge . wrote:

> is there something special i need to do inorder to have a newline in a
> comment .  my patches seem to forget the new line in a single comment object
> when i reopen my files .
> for instance .
> here is a commment
> and it has a newline
> so that the words
> line up nicely .

In pd, all multiline comments must rhyme. pd
supports several rhyming schemes.

You might consider changing it to:

"here is a comment
it has a newline
the words line up nicely
and now it looks fine"

Alternatively, the latest test version supports haiku comments.

Actually, I've been in a bit of a right-brain mood lately. Of course this
is all BS. Sorry for wasting your time.


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