[PD] pd-gui wishlist

t.ralf ralf at t0.or.at
Tue Apr 23 18:26:49 CEST 2002

mark wrote:
> To be honest I am not looking for anything fancy - just
> a bit pseudo 3d'ness perhaps - the odd shadow on a box
> makes a big difference apperance wise.
> mark

hmm, i'm a bit worried concerning the whole discussion about the 
pd-gui/font/appearence, since i really enjoy the way pd looks at the moment.
i think the current pd-gui is very good example for a reduced look 
perfectly matching functionality, visualisation of different objects and 

nevertheless i greatly recommend any possibility to customize the gui 
(concerning fonts, colors, shading etc..) whereas the "standard-gui" 
shouldn't in any way affect cpu-load and latency. this would also 
concern stuff like "wire-value-popups" etc.. since i don't want to lag 
my performance due to "accidentially" hover over a gui object or something.

anyway, one thing that would improve the pd-gui would be a better 
visualisation of the "wiring" (evt. as i saw on several max/msp 
screenshots) but that's not a must since this forces us to clean up our 
patches ;-)



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