[PD] windows compatibility

João Miguel Pais jmmmp at netcabo.pt
Tue Apr 23 17:22:47 CEST 2002

Dear list,

Does anybody know where to find the windows dll files for the following

- contund
- csound~
- cxc
- formant~
- gemee
- ggee .24
- ggext .15
- jack .4.7
- loopool
- motex 1.1.3
- pixlib
- playlist
- samplebox~
- sonogram~

And/Or where to find the ticker, field, toddle and envgen~ objects?

I've searched pure-data.org, but couldn't find anything. Is is possible to
indicate where to find an "aternative" version (i.e., windows) when
indicating the informations about the library?

Thank you again,

João Miguel Pais

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