[PD] windows compatibility

joge . gboy at nycap.rr.com
Wed Apr 24 01:02:12 CEST 2002

> Dear list,
> Does anybody know where to find the windows dll files for the following
> libraries/objects?:
> - contund
i just compiled this for windows the other day .  i will upload it as soon
as i can [hopefully by tonight] for you .

> - csound~

> - cxc
i dont even know what this is ?

> - formant~
i think i compiled this for windows also a long time ago but i didnt do
anythingwith it so i could test to see if the modifications i made are
actaually working .   i will up this for you also once i get a chance .

> - gemee
> - ggee .24
> - ggext .15

> - jack .4.7
dont know what this is either ?

> - loopool
this is compiled for windows already but there were some objects that didnt
get compiled correctly .. i am interested in this extern myself .  when i
get around to it will annouce that it works .  or maybe the person that
already ported it can fix it [i am not sure who ported it though]

> - motex 1.1.3

> - pixlib
never heard of this .. sound like it might be interesting though

> - playlist
gonna work on a windows version of this soon . but will take some time for
me .

> - samplebox~
never heard of this either ... hehe where did youhear about these externs .

> - sonogram~
i think i was tringto get this to work at one point and then gave up .  but
i tihnk i solved the problem later for a similar extern by yves .  will look
into this later myself .

joge .

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