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Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Wed Apr 24 19:57:59 CEST 2002

hi yves, hi list,

Am Mittwoch, 24. April 2002 19:22 schrieb Yves Degoyon:
> hi again,
> this message is a response to Christian Klippel's post about jmax
> architecture :
> i never said jmax was not client/server oriented BUT
> it's quite different :

sorry, didnt meant that you said it would not be ... ;-)

> in jmax, the audio engine [fts] acts as a server,
> the GUI is the client and is currently written in Java.
> ---> it's audio server oriented.

right ....

> in PD, the audio engine is the client of the GUI server,
> objects are executed in the audio engine
> and can only send drawing orders
> to the GUI, not do graphics by themselves.
> ---> it's GUI server oriented.

ok, lets see if i got it right :
the pd-gui starts up, it then starts the audio-engine, which will then
send drawing commands to the gui ?
i.e. the drawing instructions reside in the audio-engine ?
so, the gui is then only a canvas where the objects draw on ?
if so, it would mean that even if the gui would run on a second machine, that
the audio engine still has to issue the drawing commands, thus taking
away cpu time from the audio process ....
are the objects (externals) loaded in the audio-engine or the gui ?
would be curious if it is the latter.

> Consequently, it would be hard to make
> a GUI for both JMAX and PD,
> the code is not executed on the same side.

well, i think not. even with these differences. i mean, if it is only
about drawing lines, text, etc. the (new) gui can be equipped
with some drawing functions to achieve that.
since it will be programmed in c, there could even a (stripped down)
tcl/tk interpreter integrated, which translates tk-commands to the native 
c-drawing-functions of the toolkit .....
it doesnt really matter if the gui just gets a command "put object
bla at position x,y" or if it get commands like "draw a line from ... to ..."
to draw the object with primitives.......

moreover, with such a "unified" gui it should be possible to
pipe the dataflow between pd and jmax, thus easily connecting
them together (if this would make sense is a seperate question ;)

> -- i'm afraid i'm not too clear
> bye,
> yves.

me too ;-)

have a nice day,


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