[PD] OSC pd-->csound does not work?

c.lj jdl at xdv.org
Thu Apr 25 11:47:10 CEST 2002

hm. latest versions of pdOSC sends typetagged messages, which can be
disabled and as far as i ve seen also un-t-tagged msgs go out ok, as
tested with dumpOSC commandline proggie .. its more like that the
parsing becomes more difficult. dont know the csound part of it either.

[vanDongen/Gilcher]->[[PD] OSC pd-->csound does not work?]->[02-04-21 15:25]

 |There seems to be a version mismatch of some sort between the pd OSCsend
 |object and coolname csound 4.09.
 |With typetags on, csound ignores any messages, with typetags off pd sends
 |integers mostly, which csound tries to read as floats. At least I think
 |this is what causes the problem, but I don't follow the csound code here.
 |Has anybody combined these 2 succefully, and what versions are they using.
 |Any help is really appreciated, I would like to use this in a performance
 |next week.

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