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Sat May 11 18:49:20 CEST 2002

The new cubase (SX) apparently has Midi plugins - writing a wrapper 
for that might be fun. Haven't seen an SDK yet (but haven't looked either)

To make it a VST instrument would be a little more complex - as I see it 
you can either write a wrapper that replaces the dac and adc with VST 
stuff (this would be a lot simpler than the dac/adc 'cos you don't 
need to worry about devices at all) but of course you would then have 
a branch of PD which you would need t sync with the official one. 

Doing it via sockets and a vst connector instrument would be the neatest 
- I think the CsoundVST and Csound~ stuff works a bit like this (I might 
be wrong) so you could look at that



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Does anyone know of a method of connecting Logic/Cubase.. with PD..
I was thinking of some sort of VST instrument that would transmit midi data
via udp/tcp for pd to netreceive..?

I tried using virtual midi ports in my pc and doing it that way.. but midi
latency is terrible on my pc (yeah i know I'm using windoze.. ) and
netreceive is a bit more portable...

If there isn't one then maybe i should try writing one? does anyone know if
it would be a viable method?




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