[PD] pddp - a proposal

Damien HENRY damien_henry at libertysurf.fr
Wed May 15 18:47:51 CEST 2002

> .name pddp - PureData documentation project

> .question
> Has anybody made any moves in this direction?

Yes, Miller of course !!! ;-)

I just whant to say that the way the actual help is working is very good 
cause it's interactive.

I've done a documentation about pd internal messages (see "readme" below if 
you are interested). You can donwload (http://dh7.free.fr/) it and integrate 
it in anything you whant.

by the way here a link found in my database about documentation :


Here some documentation about internal pd messages.

1) Thoses msg are sent directly to pd (pd selector) or to a loaded patch 
(pd-patch.pd selector).
  all thoses msg has to be finnished by a ";"
  you can test them using : 
    in the file menu : message
    the tclsend2pd in the 4.msg_from_tcl folder. 

  Thoses message allows you (examples): 
    To control pd without the gui :
      Take benefit of the no-gui option 
        open a patch via socket... (tcl, python, sh, c++,...)
        modify or create new patch
      Create patch that will create some other 
        Deals with massive polyphonie (100 osc~ or more...)
        load patchs from an other 
        construct generative patch
      Create new gui 
2) Here an list of those msg (* are documented somewhere in this doc):
  messages to pd:
        init  [gimme] 
        filename  [symbol] [symbol]
    *   open  [symbol] [symbol]
    *   quit 
        foo  [gimme]
    *   dsp  [gimme]
        meters  [float] 
        key  [gimme]
    *   audiostatus

 messages to canvas:
    *    obj  [gimme] 
    *    msg  [gimme]
    *    floatatom  [gimme]
    *    symbolatom  [gimme]
    *    text  [gimme]
    *    graph  [gimme]
    *    array
    *    scalar  [gimme]
        bng  [gimme]
        toggle  [gimme]
        vslider  [gimme]
        hslider  [gimme]
        radio  [gimme]
        vumeter  [gimme]
        mycnv  [gimme]
    *    connect  [float] [float] [float] [float]
    *    restore  [gimme]
        write  [symbol] [defsymbol]
        read  [symbol] [defsymbol]
        mergefile  [symbol] [defsymbol]
    *    click  [float] [float] [float] [float]
    *    mouseup  [float] [float] [float]
    *    key  [gimme] 
    *    motion  [float] [float] [float]
    *    print  [symbol]
    *    menusave
    *    menusaveas
    *    menuclose  [deffloat]
    *    saveto  [symbol] [symbol] 
    *    cut
    *    copy
    *    paste 
    *    duplicate
    *    selectall
    *    tidy
    *    texteditor
    *    editmode  [deffloat] 
        protectmode  [deffloat]
    *    print  [symbol]
    *    pop  [deffloat]
    *    loadbang
    *    relocate  [symbol] [symbol]
    *    menufont 
    *    font  [float] [float] [float]
    *    find  [gimme] 
    *    findagain
    *    findparent 
    *    vis  [float]
        properties  [float] [float] 
        help  [float] [float]
        arraydialog  [symbol] [float] [float] [float] 
        map  [float]
        intatom  [gimme]
        atom  [gimme] 


3) Here the map of the documentation : 
    describe msg that can be sent to patch. 
    contains pd files
    describe msg that can be sent to pd. 
    contains pd files
    it's sh scrip using pdsend to create patch into pd. 
    pdscript has been done by Guenter Geiger
    contains it's own readme + files. 

    decribe how to use tcl/tk to create, open patch, etc...
    Contain an example of how a "obj x y myOsc~" message can be use 
    to deal with massive polyphonie
4) Releases :
  release 0.5 : pd-msg_05.tar.gz
    add some more msg. 
    Thanks to Krzysztof Czaja
    all msg are listed for pd0.34 

  release 0.4 : pd-msg_04.tar.gz
    add many message : 
      the events messages
      the menu messages 
      the cut&paste msg, etc...
    complete the polyphonie example
  release 0.3 : pd-msg
    Rearenge patch & examples in diferents directory. 
    add polyphonie examples
    add tcl scripts... 

  release 0.2 : self-generation 
    add messages to open and close patch.
  release 0.1 : self-construction
    first release 

5) To do list : 

  some msg are not well explain or not explain at all. 

6) Reference : 
  Look @ the end of code of g_canvas.c in the source directory.

Damien HENRY

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