[PD] About dynamic patches

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Sat May 25 03:29:23 CEST 2002

sme wrote:

>hi yves,
>first thing i saw is, that there are two outlets of oscibank~ one laying
>on the other and only one is connected. to make it dynamically you can
>use messages.
that was a cut&paste mistake...

>if you have an abstraction, that contains the filter and osc of one
>slice ("abstraction-slice) than you can use a messge like
>[;pd-test-banks.pd obj 50 50 abstraction-slice $1 $2( to create it in
>the patch. 50 50 is the position, $1 $2 could be arguments for eg. the
>ID and the frequencyband of the slice. inside the abstraction you can
>work with send~ receive~ catch~ and throw~. so you don´t need any
>connection-chords and it is independent from the number of abstractions.
>when you build the abstractions there has to be the algorithm to tell
>the message the arguments of each abstraction. (if there are 32 filters,
>then the args for abstraction number 1, 2, 3, 4, ... are bla bla bla,
>the dynamically deleting is not working with messages under windows, but
>i´m shure it is working under linux (find, cut).
good start, doesn't "cut" crashes sometimes ???
( from my memory of a former thread )

>and then, my last point, i saw that you are multiplying the osc~ with
>the inlet~ (which is the audio-signal of the slice). that is a kind of
>ring-modulation. is that what you wanted to resynthetize.
no, that patch is a filter bank/oscillator bank resynthesis
but the number of oscillators (32) is much too low
to have a real resynthesis.



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