[PD] convolve

NJCross kcross at linex.com
Thu Jul 4 19:22:41 CEST 2002

On Thursday 04 July 2002 08:40, Krzysztof Czaja wrote:
> hi,
> have you considered using something similar to  the 'convobros'
> example, somewhere in the Pd's fft docs (sorry, I have not followed
> this thread closely...)?
> Krzysztof
> Chris McCormick wrote:
>  > Ben, on the Csound list someone was discussing convolving little windows
>  > of each sound together to do it in real time. Not sure about the
>  > details, but i can forward you the relevant emails if you're interested.

Yes please, I love the  convobros example.As a newbie I have a question.I 
can't find a way to save the effect into a snd file.All the examples I have 
are either for reading snd files or for streaming over the net(?).I know I'm 
probably missing something really simple but I'm stumped.

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