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>Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2002 23:59:06 +0200
>From: Peter Castine <chair at icmc2000.org>
>Subject: Re: [a sense of adventure] error
>Returning to the suggestion made on around 1<AD>7<AD>2002 20:58, by david 
>stevens :
>>i know that Stephen has been very busy with Karma, but i'm wondering if 
>>MegaMax will be updated further. how about rolling it into the max 
>I suppose the answer is that, in a way, that's more or less what's 
>Cycling '74 appears to have looked at MegaMax, picked and choosen those 
>parts of it that they liked or felt would be particularly useful in Max4 
>(the ideas, at least), tweaked things around a bit, and re-implemented 
>This sort of thing happens all the time (Cf. MacOS and File Exchange, cf. 
>WIndows and Web Browsers, cf. MacOS and E-Mail software... there is 
>another example on the tip of my tongue...). It is generally frustrating 
>to the 3rd party, never mind the line about "imitation is the highest 
>form of praise."
>The problem with being a 3rd party is that success can be your greatest 
>enemy. If you add features to the hosting system that lots and lots of 
>people want, the host's producer is likely to turn around and integrate 
>those self same features in the next release. Most causes and side 
>effects are Business Management 101. In general, the 3rd party developer 
>is faced with either inventing new and distinctively enhanced features 
>(or being "better" in some other way), or to look towards different 
>I am aware that this fate may some day await my own modest offerings. I 
>would prefer other forms of praise.

praise - i can purchase the rights to your `modest offerings` if you like.
i havent seen the objekts but ... email ecdysone at eusocial.com some numbers if you like
+ i'll konsider it.


oops. he is starting to twitch [why do you think he licenses everything - to feed his offspring of course.

>Date: Thu, 04 Jul 2002 16:06:43 -0700
>From: David Zicarelli <zicarell at cycling74.com>

                                 uuuuuuaaaaaueeeeee zoueeeeee. zomeone give the lord a hand klap.

>Subject: Re: [IMMUNE _ PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] Max and PD 
>> and I _am_ inspired by it. I had expected that the main trick to making
>> money with an open source product is to sell nicely packaged bundles to
>> big businesses that are prepared to pay multiple kilobucks and more
>> rather than put things together themselves. That is, indeed, central to
>> the example in the newsforge article. Adapting that model to a product
>> living in the Max/MSP world is neither trivial nor even straight forward.
>I have a lot more to say about this than I have time to do right now, but
>I too read the article and I would shoot myself if I had to write software
>that boring -- you have to ask yourself, what's more interesting, the
>work or the business model? A lot of open source people are so proud
>of their "community" but I'm sorry, what kind of a party is this community
>going to be having?
>I like being part of a community that could at least provide its own
>David Z.

ha _+

despair you mustn't father. you + your employees + konsultants shall be legally entertwined beginning this summer
yes.yes.yes for ... the god of benadryl only knows how long - weeks. months. years. dekades.

nn - playing with diamonds

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