integer at www.god-emil.dk integer at www.god-emil.dk
Fri Jul 5 11:08:24 CEST 2002

>what's most ridiculous about your writing is the audience you imagine your
>speaking to 

just you. how do you do.

>i invite everyone else on this great list

da. you drink in the name of the amalgam + the multitude shall krown you 
do you +?

>i invite everyone else on this great list
>to also filter out god-emil.dk

you ___... are feeling impotent today +?

>mail, leaving nn to shout into the void until eventually growing tired.

are you slow or +?

egoiste - i have no friends...i make my mind my friend 
melt this right into your lips at least twice a day.

>this is the second law of list dynamics:  

update your personal m9nd polizei. the 2nd law of thermo dynamikx = illegal.

>egocentrism is more quickly lost
>than it is gained.

the brain kan korelate any model.
it is this a brain.

>take it easy

no brain takes it easy by its self.
are you slow or +?


`your` unconscious you is leaking 


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