[PD] no luck yet.

mark mark at junklight.com
Fri Jul 12 01:02:21 CEST 2002

Too tired to give you much help but here are a few pointers.

If you are getting sound out through the test patch then you ARE
talking to your sound card. You need to do the midi explicitly - it
defaults to disabled.

Set up a batch file to run pd - here is mine - note cut between the
lines and copy into a file called pd.bat (you can use notepad for this).
Note - you will have to change paths and things and you will probably
not have all the libraries I am using...

_______________cut below here
@echo off
set VST_PATH=d:\pd\vstplugins
set LIB= -lib d:\pd\bin\iemgui
set LIB=  -lib d:\pd\externs\zexy %LIB%
set LIB= -lib d:\pd\bin\iemlib1 %LIB%
set LIB= -lib d:\pd\bin\iemlib2  %LIB%
set LIB= -lib d:\pd\bin\iem_t3_lib %LIB%
set LIB= -lib d:\pd\bin\iem_mp3 %LIB%
set LIB=-lib d:\pd\lib\lrshift~ %LIB%
set LIB= -lib d:\pd\ext13w\ext13 %LIB%
set LIB=-lib d:\pd\mjLib\mjLib %LIB%
set LIB=-lib d:\pd\motex_1_1_3\motex %LIB%
set LIB=-lib d:\pd\xeq\xeq %LIB%
set LIB=-lib d:\pd\xsample\msvc-debug\xsample %LIB%
set LIB=-lib d:\pd\vst\Debug\vst %LIB%
set LIB= -lib \pd\lib\grantabr~ %LIB%
set LIB= -lib \pd\lib\grantabw~ %LIB%

set DEV=-midioutdev 1
\pd\bin\pd  %DEV% %LIB% -path d:\pd\iemabs;d:\pd\lib %*
_______________cut above here

If you are getting errors about not being able to connect things
when you load patches the chances are you have not got the
required libraries - http://www.pure-data.org will help you
out there.

Stick with it - there is one hell of a learning curve for the
first few days but it soon levels off. And its well worth
the climb :-)



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i am new to the list and PD, very green, and in need of a little help,

i have been trying to get pd up and running on my system running xp and 98se
but without much success.

i do get audio signals through my RME HDSP out so far but this is only with
the testing audio patch,  any other patch or .pd file i tried to load
generates a lot of errors.

MMSYSTEM02, device out of range. this is under 98.

under XP: MidiInOpen: a device ID has been used that is out of range for
your system.

and i get just a lot of errors when i try to load just about any .pd.
Nothing will work, connection failed; all kinds of error's --> the program
can't seem to connect or comunicate with audiocard or pd, no commands can be

could this be a networking setup related thing? the pc has normal internet
setup for cable. this only just came to mind, actually.

do i need drivers or special tcp/ip networking setup config to get things
running smooth?

i have basically no idea now how to get the command promt actually executing
some flags, this is command line talk, i understand , but following the
manual doens't help much.

pd seems really quite powerful, however, also a little intimidating to me. i
would really like to have any hints or pointers that get me up and running.

sorry for the long newbie type of post, if you think i better keep my hands
of PD, just tell me.

but still, any help appreciated.

celeron 900/256
RME HDSP multiface


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