[PD] a graph on parent example?

Josh Steiner joschi at eds.org
Tue Jul 23 23:37:53 CEST 2002

frank uses graph on parent in his nice little patch angriff... check it
out.  and the chaos pad thing you are thinking of is an graphical external
that yves wrote, so it is not the same thing.


On Tue, 23 Jul 2002, Mark Khemma wrote:

> hello,
> whats this graph on parent thing? at one point i think i came across an
> example of graph on parent where a child window was used like the chaos
> pad and the parent recieve x and y coordinate values. is this what graph on
> parent does? i have the latest pd35 test something or other and there is
> no example of a graph on parent or at least i can't find it. so could
> someone point me in the right direction in the docs or a personal example
> of their own, please?
> thanks,
> mark .k

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