[PD] a graph on parent example?

Frank Barknecht barknech at ph-cip.uni-koeln.de
Wed Jul 24 10:56:51 CEST 2002

Mark Khemma hat gesagt: // Mark Khemma wrote:

> whats this graph on parent thing? at one point i think i came across an
> example of graph on parent where a child window was used like the chaos
> pad and the parent recieve x and y coordinate values. is this what graph on
> parent does? i have the latest pd35 test something or other and there is
> no example of a graph on parent or at least i can't find it. so could
> someone point me in the right direction in the docs or a personal example
> of their own, please?

Besides my "angriff" there also is a fine example by Miller somewhat
hidden in the docs at 7.stuff/synth/1.poly.synth.pd

Miller also updated the html-manual in 0.35-test29 to include some
reference material on graph on parent. 

GOP it simply a see-through feature of the GUI objects in an abstraction, 
that gets activated when you right-click on the abstractions background 
surface and set "graph on parent" to "On" in its Properties.

After that you can see the GUIs in the abstraction from the parent
patch that uses this abstraction. Some fiddling with the abstraction's
dimensions in the parent patch is probably necessary to get the GUI
sizes right.

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