[PD] no audio on g4/quicksilver under osX

schurer ot at t3l3.net
Tue Jul 30 16:39:51 CEST 2002

hello list,

i'm trying to get PD (binaries) to run under mac osX on an apple
powermac G4/867 (a
so called "quicksilver" machine) and it won' t correlate with the
onboard audio-out at all, on opening, it' s giving me some portaudio
errors -9999
(may also see below)
and there is no sound output at all (obviously). is it because the
no. of audio channels
is incorrectly set? as these machines do not have audio inputs, how
would i have
to change the script, so that it appropriately would make use of the audio
i read somewhere on this list, that other users do have the same problem too
on these machines,
so i'm courious to know, whether they have found a way to address this issue
(or not). the very same version of pd (0.35-0) runs without trouble on a
powerbook g3, however, so i' m wondering if it' s some hardware
related thing...
any hints greatly appreciated.



[localhost:~] lollol% /pd-0.35/bin/pd
could not open midi input device number 1: Host error.
could not open midi output device number 1: Host error.
using default input device number: -1
using default output device number: 0
nchan 2, flags 3, bufs 8, framesperbuf 256
Error number -9999 occured opening portaudio stream
Error message: Invalid number of channels.

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