[PD] flosc

august august at alien.mur.at
Tue Jul 30 21:54:54 CEST 2002

anyone have some experience with flosc and PD?

just trying out the newly released externals from

i seem to have this problem that when i just want to listen to port 3024
using dumpOSC 3024

a.) if i start pd first with the dumpOSC and then flosc 
with ( Gateway 3024 3023 ) ....dumpOSC starts fine, but flosc gives me
this error: 
	Server error...Stopping UDP OSC server
        at OscServer.killServer(OscServer.java)
        at OscServer.run(OscServer.java)
	[6/30/2002 19:46:19] TCP XML/Flash server started on port: 3023

b.) if i do it the other way around...starting flosc first and then
dumpOSC, dumpOSC can't create itself with this error:
	bind: Address already in use (98)
	 dumpOSC 3024
	... couldn't create
	dumpOSC.pd 1 0 0 0 (text->print) connection failed
	dumpOSC.pd 1 0 2 0 (text->send) connection failed

im not much of a socket guru, but i can imagine that one needs to be the
listener and the other the sender.

any hints?

thanks - august.

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