[PD] no audio on g4/quicksilver under osX

schurer ot at t3l3.net
Tue Jul 30 22:22:18 CEST 2002

absolutely, thought, i would give a short response to your proposition...
yes, almost forgot...using pd -nomidi -noadc flags seem to help,
audio output is now working (...)! thank you for this one then,



>first step is to try: pd -nomidi -noadc  and see if that helps. 
>there's no midi working in pd/osx yet and there is a problem with 
>the portaudio acquiring the proper audio/out in on the quicksilver 
>boxes. this will narrow down the problem.
>>hello list,
>>i'm trying to get PD (binaries) to run under mac osX on an apple
>>powermac G4/867 (a
>>so called "quicksilver" machine) and it won' t correlate with the
>>onboard audio-out at all, on opening, it' s giving me some portaudio
>>errors -9999
>>(may also see below)
>>and there is no sound output at all (obviously). is it because the
>>no. of audio channels
>>is incorrectly set? as these machines do not have audio inputs, how
>>would i have
>>to change the script, so that it appropriately would make use of the audio
>>i read somewhere on this list, that other users do have the same problem too
>>on these machines,
>>so i'm courious to know, whether they have found a way to address this issue
>>(or not). the very same version of pd (0.35-0) runs without trouble on a
>>powerbook g3, however, so i' m wondering if it' s some hardware
>>related thing...
>>any hints greatly appreciated.
>>[localhost:~] lollol% /pd-0.35/bin/pd
>>could not open midi input device number 1: Host error.
>>could not open midi output device number 1: Host error.
>>using default input device number: -1
>>using default output device number: 0
>>nchan 2, flags 3, bufs 8, framesperbuf 256
>>Error number -9999 occured opening portaudio stream
>>Error message: Invalid number of channels.

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