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Wed Jul 31 13:12:50 CEST 2002


oscport is the port flosc is listening for _incoming osc messages on. so
no matter which one you start first, the 2nd 1 will get a "socket
already in use" if they both get the same port argument.

i havent used it to send from flash to OSC yet, but your setup below
seems to be it, i.e. you specifiy from the sending flash client, where
the msg should go to (host:port), whereas _all incoming osc mesages are
broadcast to _all connected flash clients.

[august]->[Re: [PD] flosc]->[02-07-31 11:19]

 |for archives' sake, i've finally figured it out.
 |its like this.
 |there are at least three ports involved, 2 for flosc and 1 (or even 2) for
 |if you start flosc on machine <flosc.org> with:  java Gateway 3001 3002
 |	you then have flosc listening to port 3001 for udp clients
 |	and listening to 3002 for XMLsocket cleints (from flash).
 |you can start pd on <anymachine.org> with:  dumpOSC 5555
 |my mistake was i tried to start pd on the same machine <flosc.org> using
 |the same port, 3001,  thinking it would be a client listening to packets
 |from flosc.
 |then with the flash stuff, you just open and XML socket on <flosc.org>
 |port 3002 and send commands aimed at <anymachine.org> port 5555
 |additionally, you could then use sendOSC in pd with
 |[connect flosc.org 3001] to send osc packets back to all your flash
 |thats it.  seems basic enough, but i f*cked it up  - august.

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