[PD] [jmax] DIPS available (fwd)

chris clepper cclepper at artic.edu
Wed Jul 31 17:13:09 CEST 2002

>Didn't work on my OS X: "jMax server connection lost" on any attempt
>to load an example/tutorial.
>Better luck anyone?

i got it working on OSX (10.1.5).  do you have a .jmaxrc in your ~ 
directory?  i've included mine below, which works with DIPS.  the 
package looks pretty similar to GEM, but seems to require more than a 
passing knowledge of openGL programming.  i haven't had much time to 
really check more than the example patches...


set jmaxHostType macosx

when start {
dataDirectory /System
jmaxSetSampleRate 44100
jmaxSetAudioBuffer 4096
package require DIPS
defaultAudio halaudioport

>>  Somehow this sounds familiar, ...
>>  Anyone tried it already ?
>>  Guenter
>>  ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>>  From: Takayuki Rai <rai at kcm-sd.ac.jp>
>>  To: jMax <jMAX at ircam.fr>
>>  - Short Introduction of the DIPS:
>>  The DIPS, "Digital Image Processing with Sound", is the set of Max objects
>>  that handles the real-time visual image processing events and the OpenGL


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