[PD] Table Questions

JaReK myszewsk at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Sun Aug 4 03:46:16 CEST 2002

Howdy. I downloaded and installed pd version 35 for NT.

I wrote a simple patch that was utilizing tables. Specifically, I defined
tables by using keyword 'table  tablename' (table pitch).
Inside table, there were two objects - an array and a graph.

After setting array size to 100 and the graph X bound from 0 - 99 and Y
bound from 0 to 127, I drew using mouse a distribution of numbers inside
the table.

OK ... first of all, what's the difference betw. size of graph and size of
an array?

Now a little problem. After saving the patch, shutting down PD and then
opening the patch again, the graph Y bounds were reset  (-1 to 1) although
I did change them as mentioned above. Are the bounds of graph saved or do
we have to reinitialize table on each time we open the patch?

Next thing, suppose I create an array by selecting a drop down menu, then
I configure graph bounds from let's say X is from 0-10 and Y is 0 to 20.
When I use mouse to draw the number distribution, why does it allow me to
draw numbers way above distribution I did set? I'm wondering if that's
exceeding the actual size of a table I created.

Finally, one thing would help fixing is setting up tab key such that when
we deal with dialog boxes (used in defining arrays, graphs (tables)
and press tab, the cursor moves from
one input dialog to another. So far it does not and you have to use mouse.

Regards ...

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