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Sat Aug 31 14:31:27 CEST 2002

david casal hat gesagt: // david casal wrote:
> COuldn't find anything on the archives about this (except an unanswered
> question from 1999)...
> Anyone out there trying to use ESD (EsounD) on top of OSS, with PD? Any
> plans to make PD ESD-aware? Or even better, ASD?
> Or, is this blasphemy..;)

ESD is blasphemy ;) If I'm right, ESD is basically "cat(1)", and it
supposedly has horrible effects on latency. But I removed ESD from my
system long ago, so that might have changed. 

I don't know ASD. Maybe it's (KDE's) aRTs, but I never used that.

There are plans and even somehow working examples of PD using JACK,
the Linux Audio Developer's choice of sound daemon. 
See the PD Externals CVS at pure-data.sf.net

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