[PD] Physical modelling

Andreas Sumerauer andreas at dausenkunz.de
Thu Sep 5 04:29:00 CEST 2002

Hello everybody!

I'm new to pd and new to this list.
Now to introduce myself:
My main interest is physical modelling. I was pointed to pd only a few 
days ago. I have to say
I am quite surprised. The installation was not too difficult and with my 
ASIO  Soundcard the thing
runs very nicely. Latency is ok for realtime playing and I started 
rightaway with the implementation
of a plucked bass instrument.
I think it's quite cheesy (even worse than Steinbergs VB-1, hehe) but 
please try for yourself.
It is available from my website
there is also a version that uses Ben Saylors envelope module:
hope You like it.

best regards

Andreas Sumerauer


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