[PD] order of object evaluation -> featurewish

Andreas Sumerauer andreas at dausenkunz.de
Thu Sep 5 23:08:03 CEST 2002

Thomas Grill schrieb:

>It may not be the best solution either, but MaxMSP does it in a right to
>left order regarding the x coordinates of the objects. ...
Oh please not. I never worked with Max MSP but that does not make too much
sense to me either.

>I think hiding the ordering number inside a property dialog is still to

Ok,...  I hope You like the tab Idea at least?

>One solution could be to have a special editing mode where the order is
>indicated by numbers (or colors?) upon the objects for each branching of

Would be fine with me. But why another editing mode? I wouldn't mind 
seeing the numbers
(colored labels could be a very useful addition too) in the current edit 



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