[pd] Cellular automata with pd

wwcarpen wwcarpen at bcpl.net
Fri Sep 27 11:02:38 CEST 2002

Alright thanks to everyone for the help. I think i will get a clear idea of 
how the semantics go when i get a chance to look at the game of life for 
gridflow and framestein, BUT i'm running on windows here and i need a .dll of 
gridflow in order to check it out (unless im mistaken about how it's 
implemented) and i can't seem to find the patch in the framestein example 
section or on the web.

One other thing, since i've been playing with the "obj" msg function to make 
the patch generate sub patches for me, i've noticed that it's possible to 
basically make drawings in a window with object box's, or whatever. I think it 
would be *really* *really* handy if someone could program a quick mod for PD 
that would place a "pixel" feature in the "Put" menu. That way one could draw 
with obj messages.  It would be 100% effective if you could set the RGB as 
well. I like the idea of things like GEM/framstein/xgui but this seems like a 
good option for someone that just wants to keep things as simple as possible, 
and learn by doing absolutly everything themselves from scratch, right? maybe 
there is a downfall to this possible method, let me know.

walter carpenter


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