[PD] using other s/w with pd

david casal D.Casal at uea.ac.uk
Thu Oct 3 15:59:03 CEST 2002

On Thu, 3 Oct 2002, Thomas Grill wrote:

Hi Thomas and everybody,

> > So, my question: Could anybody out here (Thomas?) take a look at Boodler
> > and give me some pointers as to the chances/degree of insanity involved in
> > forcing it to talk to pd, either through pyext or through Jack?
> In order to use Jack one does just have to write the appropriate
> audev-jack.c interface functions. This should be fairly easy.

Alas, my C blows goats. Maybe it's worth cracking 'Thinking in C' open?
(though my head hurts from Python already)

> To be used in PD this whole "cboodle" python interface module has to be
> built into a pd external.

Ahhh. Hmmmm.

> The latter of course takes us to another level. If sample computation be
> realized in a Python external, how should the API look like?


> I haven't spent much of a thought on that but now i see the possibilities -
> thank you for the pointer, David!

Er, no problem. Really wish I could -actually- help...

> For a general approach the Boodler interface style doesn't seem to be well
> fitted... it only supports 2 channels and 16 bits.

True, and I can't for the life of me find how to change that, which makes
me think it would be best to dispense with the whole sound bit for boodler
and implement it instead as a pd objectt, as you say.

> I think i study the stuff a bit more and then try to implement a general
> signal interface for pyext (which could in a further step be specialized for
> the Boodler case).

YAY! Please let me know if I can help (what to read, how to crack my head
against the wall, whatever)

Thank you once again for your help!


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