[PD] using other s/w with pd

Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Thu Oct 3 15:42:47 CEST 2002

Hi David, hi all,

> So, my question: Could anybody out here (Thomas?) take a look at Boodler
> and give me some pointers as to the chances/degree of insanity involved in
> forcing it to talk to pd, either through pyext or through Jack?

i had a look and i have to say that Boodler is well-designed concerning the
modularity of sound output facilities.
In order to use Jack one does just have to write the appropriate
audev-jack.c interface functions. This should be fairly easy.
To be used in PD this whole "cboodle" python interface module has to be
built into a pd external.

The latter of course takes us to another level. If sample computation be
realized in a Python external, how should the API look like?
I haven't spent much of a thought on that but now i see the possibilities -
thank you for the pointer, David!
For a general approach the Boodler interface style doesn't seem to be well
fitted... it only supports 2 channels and 16 bits.
I think i study the stuff a bit more and then try to implement a general
signal interface for pyext (which could in a further step be specialized for
the Boodler case).

best greetings,

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