[PD] pd examples and dokmentation

d dieb13 at klingt.org
Mon Oct 7 11:12:51 CEST 2002


 > This point is actually not a problem of Pd, but one of its user base
 > i.e. it's our problem. Dave Sabine did some terrific work on his PDDP
 > project, but those aren't example patches ready to use. As Pd has no
 > company behind it, this is a job for the community.

one of the problems in this context is the increasing amount of
different projects and websites offering patches, code, documentation,
etc. for pd.
there is millers site, the iem.site, guenters works like cvs,
pure-data.org, pdp, pddp , pdpdp...

there IS a lot of documentation and examples, one just has to find them.
beeing a newbie and trying to find pd ressources must be a lot of work.

i think it's not a realistic idea to centralize these ressources on one
page, but maybe a (more or less) complete linklist at a central location
like millers page or the iem-pd page (and in the README file of the
sources) with a good summary of all the projects spread over the net
could help.


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