[PD] Re: shadow patch bug

Joseph A. Sarlo jsarlo at ucsd.edu
Mon Oct 7 19:40:14 CEST 2002

> The problem with that patch is that is fixed the grid object, while your
> code is the buggy one. I'm sure there is a less hacky solution to the
> problem than changing all others code to fit your program...

I would say that neither code was "buggy". You have to realize that when
developers work on a related project separately, not everything is going to
work together all of the time. The specific issue with grid and the colored
patch cord patch was that the colored patch cord patch relies on the idea
that objects store there tcl/tk tag in the t_rtext struct linked list
(basically). I thought it was a safe assumption since all of the native PD
objects, including the GUIs, do this. The grid object, however, did not. I
am in no way saying that grid was buggy. However, I don't feel my code is
buggy either. When I'm working on something, especially something as trivial
as this patch, I cannot possibly check to make sure it's compatible with
every single piece of independent code out there. It isn't as though I'm
suggesting this patch be incorporated into PD. It also isn't as though I
asked Yves to fix his code for me. I made the patch for his code, so that it
would work with mine. The colored patch cord patch  was something I did for
myself, for fun, and if someone else wants to use it, fine. If someone is
using it and they have a problem or a question, I'll try to help. But if I
offer help or a fix, for someone else using my code, and they don't like it,
there's not much I can do. Remember, you don't have to use my patch.

jsarlo at ucsd.edu

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