[PD] Gem (multimodel and pix_film) glitches

Thomas Loop Thomas.Loop at unibas.ch
Mon Oct 14 21:41:28 CEST 2002

Johannes Taelman:
>Not so much experience with custom models, but are you changing the
>argument of the model object or are you sending an "open mymodel.obj"
>message to the model object? In the first case it's normal that it does
>not show up.

No, I'm opening via message.

>I tried the same last week also without any success (on win2k). 
>Now I use pix_multiimage instead. That one works stable.

Been there, done that.
But I find it a pain to organize the flood of images and to work on them
is complicated,too.
Also have the feeling it could be more efficient to use AVIs (Please
correct me if I'm wrong here). Plus the fact that I would have to explode
my rather largish collection of clips into single frames...

>There seems to be another bug in pix_film: If you keep on opening
>different movies (automatically), it crashes. It seems like it opens 
>files but does not close them. 
>Windows reported that there were too many files open.

Don't know about that one, but I remember a message on the list (by
IOhannes, I think) stating that Gem isn't freeing the complete memory used
by the clip when the file is getting closed.
Perhaps this is along similar lines...

>While we are discussing GEM: would it be difficult to add bump-mapping? I
>think it would be a cool feature in order to produce less 'mathematic'

(Sorry for the "me too", but:)
Oh, YES, please !!
Bumpmapping would be high up on my wishlist.
Right along with multi-texturing and decent shadows.

Also, what about putting the work for the pix-class objects on the
graphics hardware by using pixel-shaders?



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