[PD] Gem multimodel and pix_film glitches

Thomas Loop Thomas.Loop at unibas.ch
Mon Oct 14 21:42:35 CEST 2002

IOhannes zmoelnig:
>i had no problem to run the 04.pix/15.pix_alpha.pd patch with >[pix_film]
and the movie-1.mov.

IOhannes, I'm on a Win2kPro machine. Couldn't convince Gem to run on my
Debian woody box, yet.
So no mov.
And I meant having pix_film and pix_alpha in the same Gemlist. Don't know
if you got this right. Guess so, though...

Johannes Taelman also experienced this problem on Win2k (see pd-list
today), so it doesn't seem to be confined to my system.



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