[PD] flashserver

Smoerk smoerk at gmx.de
Tue Oct 15 14:39:01 CEST 2002

André Schmidt wrote:
> hi,
> i atlast inspired to test the flashserver, but i have NOT used 
> flash/actionscript before (i like director/lingo more) so i have couple 
> questions...
> can i make exe files with flashMX ? (like projectors in director)
> (yes, i could find out this my self :)

it's also called projector (i think). look at the file menu, there is 
some point, where you can change options to export as swf, exe, html 
embeded, etc... you will find it.

> 2. if yes, can i start pd from within the (flash) exe... you know, that 
> the user just starts the exe file that i made with flash, and then pd&co 
> starts automaticly...

you could start PD and open from there. flashserver understands an open 

> 3. if some1 has more flashserver examples, please mail me...
> (in pd) i connected [print] to the leftmost outlet of [flashserver] and 
> typed "owsoeiglkhsdg" in the 'raw data entry" of 'flashserver.swf' but i 
> don't get anything in pd, or should this not even work ?! (the sliders & 
> 'hello world' works ok) [win2k, PD0.35-1, flashserver 0.2d]

try a ; at the end of the command.

> thnx
> -andre
> ps. how hard would this be, PD<->Director ?

depends if there are possibilities to access a socket in director 
(something like a telnet client). It's quite possible that there are 
some externals. Could be very similar to flash.

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