[PD] flashserver

Olaf Matthes olaf.matthes at gmx.de
Tue Oct 15 16:12:25 CEST 2002

André Schmidt schrieb:

> can i make exe files with flashMX ? (like projectors in director)

Yes it is. Open the .swf and choose file->save as projector  from the menue...

> 2. if yes, can i start pd from within the (flash) exe... you know, that the
> user just starts the exe file that i made with flash, and then pd&co starts
> automaticly...

I don't know if it works that way but you could do it the other way round. Use
the 'open' message of flashserver to start your flash movie (as .exe file).

> (in pd) i connected [print] to the leftmost outlet of [flashserver] and
> typed "owsoeiglkhsdg" in the 'raw data entry" of 'flashserver.swf' but i
> don't get anything in pd, or should this not even work ?! (the sliders &
> 'hello world' works ok) [win2k, PD0.35-1, flashserver 0.2d]

... you have to mouse-click on 'raw data' to get your input submitted.

> ps. how hard would this be, PD<->Director ?

I haven't used Director at all. If it supports network socket connections it
should do the job.


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