[PD] installation trouble... perhaps a hardware inconvenient?

Jose Manuel Berenguer jmbeal at telefonica.net
Thu Oct 17 02:50:09 CEST 2002

Hello PD'lrs

In the past, I've succesfully installed PD on quite a lot of 
machines. They were running under windows 98, Me, 2000, XP. PD is 
running even in a Mac, here at home, under MacOS X... Installation of 
PD was always been very easy, nice, without any problem, MIDI and 
Audio worked very well. Work with it has been always great and 

This academic year I'm giving a course about musical algorithms... I 
though that PD could be a good tool, because of its portability... 
people could try examples at home, etc... But I'm having problems 
that appear quite randomly...

Machines are 16 Pentium IV at 1,7 GHz and 750 Mb RAM, with an inbuilt 
audio card, that appears, in system's sound control panel, to be well 
installed and running without any problem. All of them have the same 
hardware and software configuration.

After installation of PD, some of them run PD aparently without any 
inconvenience. Other, after launching PD, when Whish appears, a 
message is displayed at the log : "I/O stuck... closed audio". When 
opening the test Audio and MIDI patcher, there is not any activity in 
audio input... all inputs are set to 0...

I've tryed launching PD with the -audiodev, -audiooutdev, etc.. 
options without any success!

The most strange thing is that this behaviour is not always followed 
by the same  machines. Sometimes, some of them are working fine and 
other do not work. After a while, the set of machines working can be 
a different one than before...

Sometimes, when, after running succesfully for a while, I close PD 
and restart it again, I get the same message at log! I've tryed 
disconnecting the ethernet wires to avoid possible conflicts with 
processes in the net. Anyway, this does not change this strange 

Sometimes, restarting the system seems to be a solution... But this 
is not very comfortable! At home, people and myself, all have PD 
running nicely...At the University, where things should work even 
better, we are having this rare troubleshouting. Our system 
administrator does not have any idea about what could be happenning...

Anybody has experienced such a things? Is there any idea on how could 
we solve this situation?

Best whishes

Jose Manuel
Jose Manuel Berenguer
jmbeal at telefonica.net +34932857046 696538403
jmberenguer at cccb.org  +34933064128
http://sonoscop.cccb.org http://ocaos.cccb.org/caos
Sonoscop/Orquesta del Caos. CCCB. Montalegre, 5. 08001 Barcelona. Spain

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