[PD] installation trouble... perhaps a hardware inconvenient?

Miller Puckette mpuckett at man104-1.ucsd.edu
Thu Oct 17 06:35:19 CEST 2002

Hi Jose,

Any idea what chipset or brand of "mainboard"?  Maybe someone on the list
has something similar.  I really want to make it possible for people
in situations such as yours to use Pd. If something isn't working I'll
certainly try to help.  I just have to figure out how to get a machine
around here to misbehave in the same way...


On Thu, Oct 17, 2002 at 02:50:09AM +0200, Jose Manuel Berenguer wrote:
> Hello PD'lrs
> In the past, I've succesfully installed PD on quite a lot of 
> machines. They were running under windows 98, Me, 2000, XP. PD is 
> running even in a Mac, here at home, under MacOS X... Installation of 
> PD was always been very easy, nice, without any problem, MIDI and 
> Audio worked very well. Work with it has been always great and 
> exciting.
> This academic year I'm giving a course about musical algorithms... I 
> though that PD could be a good tool, because of its portability... 
> people could try examples at home, etc... But I'm having problems 
> that appear quite randomly...
> Machines are 16 Pentium IV at 1,7 GHz and 750 Mb RAM, with an inbuilt 
> audio card, that appears, in system's sound control panel, to be well 
> installed and running without any problem. All of them have the same 
> hardware and software configuration.
> After installation of PD, some of them run PD aparently without any 
> inconvenience. Other, after launching PD, when Whish appears, a 
> message is displayed at the log : "I/O stuck... closed audio". When 
> opening the test Audio and MIDI patcher, there is not any activity in 
> audio input... all inputs are set to 0...
> I've tryed launching PD with the -audiodev, -audiooutdev, etc.. 
> options without any success!
> The most strange thing is that this behaviour is not always followed 
> by the same  machines. Sometimes, some of them are working fine and 
> other do not work. After a while, the set of machines working can be 
> a different one than before...
> Sometimes, when, after running succesfully for a while, I close PD 
> and restart it again, I get the same message at log! I've tryed 
> disconnecting the ethernet wires to avoid possible conflicts with 
> processes in the net. Anyway, this does not change this strange 
> behaviour...
> Sometimes, restarting the system seems to be a solution... But this 
> is not very comfortable! At home, people and myself, all have PD 
> running nicely...At the University, where things should work even 
> better, we are having this rare troubleshouting. Our system 
> administrator does not have any idea about what could be happenning...
> Anybody has experienced such a things? Is there any idea on how could 
> we solve this situation?
> Best whishes
> Jose Manuel
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