[PD] installation trouble... perhaps a hardware inconvenient?

Sukandar Kartadinata sk at glui.de
Thu Oct 17 12:52:30 CEST 2002

> Any idea what chipset or brand of "mainboard"?  Maybe someone on the 
> list
> has something similar.

for me it's a Via Apollo KT266 with a VT8233 Southbridge

as I said (but it only got to Jose), -audiobuf 500 helped
the latency sucks of course, but this is only my development box
I never ran any tests on how low I could get the buffer size - would 
that be of interest to you, Miller?

personally, I wouldn't expect good (or even decent) performance from an 
on-board sound chip - if I were to perform or produce with this machine 
I would most definitely throw in a quality sound card
of course, at universities you have to make compromises...

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