[PD] installation trouble... perhaps a hardware inconvenient?

Jose Manuel Berenguer jmbeal at telefonica.net
Thu Oct 17 17:51:57 CEST 2002


>>Any idea what chipset or brand of "mainboard"?  Maybe someone on the list
>>has something similar.
>for me it's a Via Apollo KT266 with a VT8233 Southbridge

the chipset is intel D845HV. it seems to run at 1,7 GHz and has quite 
enough RAM in this computers to allocate heaps and buffers...

operating system is windows2000

the card I was speaking about this mornig is an ethernet AngelCustodios card...

any idea, for now, about the in-built sound chip.

>personally, I wouldn't expect good (or even decent) performance from 
>an on-board sound chip - if I were to perform or produce with this 
>machine I would most definitely throw in a quality sound card
>of course, at universities you have to make compromises...

indeed we must!  :)))  we have better computer and audio devices at 
home. i agree with you : i'd never try to produce or give a concert 
with this. anyway, i believe that to introduce students to PD and 
computer music, in general, is better this than nothing. if we do not 
make compromises, people will remain forever on the "trivialities" of 
manual sound editing and processing. and the worst thing is that they 
could feel themselves as knowing all that a computer can do in the 
sound domain! it's a pity that people could thing on computers only 
as a way to do faster the same things we did before without them.

if you knew about the difficulties i have to be understood by the 
direction staff when i speak on the necessity of using good sound 
material !! to have a minimal pro tools system has been a battle, but 
well, there is a while i'm falling in the off-topic! excuse me, 

whishes and many thanks

jose manuel

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