[PD] installation trouble... perhaps a hardware inconvenient?

Jose Manuel Berenguer jmbeal at telefonica.net
Thu Oct 17 14:39:10 CEST 2002

Hello, Sukandar, Ben, Miller, Andre, David

I really thank You for your kind and so quick feed back!

Miller, I'm working together with the system administrator. He has 
understood the interest of PD (he has installed it on his own 
machine). He really wants help to solve the problem.

I asked him about the chipset of the mother board and the installed 
cards : he will inform me about this this afternoon. He also said 
that this computers are using a card (he also will inform later about 
details) to help when a quick reconfiguration of the system is needed 
(the design department has more than 200 computers) he was asking 
himself about the possibility of a conflict of system resources used 
by this one and the audio card...

He will try, first of all, the suggestion of Sukandar and David about 
usign the -audiobuf option.

When I have any news about this matter, I'll inform you as fast as 
possible. I would be really happy to enhance the use of this 
excellent application among young electronic artists here.


josé manuel

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