[PD] GOP feature request - wrap object name/arguments

David N G McCallum 8dngm at qlink.queensu.ca
Mon Oct 21 18:37:26 CEST 2002

	I imagine there'll be some people that disagree with this feature,
but I'll request it anyway:

Where a Graph on Parent patch object name+arguments are wider than the
specified width of the GOP canvas, wrap to a new line.

	Currently if the name+arguments of a GOP abstraction turn out to
be geater than the specified canvas width, the canvas is stretched to
match the width of the name+arguments and not the width specified in the
GOP canvas properties. Just imagine the effect this has on, say, a
10-pixel single-button GOP abstraction with the name button_abstraction.

	Of course, I'm not sure what would be done if the obects are so
thin that the wrapped text has a greater height than the specified GOP
canvas height. Maybe another option would be to shrink the font-size to
fit the canvas width? Dunno if that's possible, or desireable.

	Incidentally, I think jmax/max wrap on all objects when you
resize them with a mouse...

	Anyway, thoughts, alternatives?

. David McCallum
.  Music wants to be free
. http://mentalfloss.ca/sintheta/

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