[PD] still having trouble

Darkback2 at aol.com Darkback2 at aol.com
Wed Oct 23 06:59:37 CEST 2002

Hey All,

I'm still having trouble.

I would like to run PD on my computer.   Its a Titanium Power Book G4.   I've 
tried two different tacks.

First I have Windows XP running in Virtual PC.
I get the error.   "audio IO stuck......closing audio"
If I use the flag "-noadc" then I don't get the error, but I need to be able 
to put sound in.

I installed Tck/tk and with the help of Ben have managed to get to the point 
where I can switch to the directory that contains PD.   but when I type 
"./pd" the computer responds with a no such file name error.   Is there some 
way that you can end up not being able to run applications in tck/tk?   
Perhaps I did something wrong with the instillation.

If I could fix either of these problems, then I would be happy...Until 

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