[PD] still having trouble

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I have limited experience with what you're discussing here, but I have some info that might be of some help.

Running Windows XP in Virtual PC might be similar to running applications in Classic OS 9 -- that is to say that even though you're working in PD in Windows XP, OSX is communicating with the hardware.  For example, hardware that works in OS 9 but does not work in OS X, will not work in OS 9 classic.  That's because - while you're working in OS 9 - OS 9 drivers are responsible for communicating with the hardware.  However, when you're working in OS 9 classic, OS X is responsible for dealing with the hardware.  (That's why it's such a pain in everybody's *#!&& that hardware manufacturers haven't developed drivers for OS X yet! )  In most cases, where OS X drivers haven't been created, you're forced to reboot into OS 9 to scan a photo or print your favourite appleworks spreadsheet - even though you might have Photoshop 7 and Appleworks for OS X!  If your scanner or printer don't have native OS X drivers, then the only chance you'll have of using that hardware successfully is to reboot into OS 9 -- forget all about "Classic mode".

Hence, the difficulties you face using Windows XP in Virtual PC are perhaps caused by OS X and the fact that OS X is communicating with the hardware "on behalf of" virtual PC.  That is to say that if you had a REAL PC with Windows XP and did everything exactly as you've done them, it might work like a charm.

Just a thought.

Dave S

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  Hey All,

  I'm still having trouble.

  I would like to run PD on my computer.  Its a Titanium Power Book G4.  I've tried two different tacks.

  First I have Windows XP running in Virtual PC.
  I get the error.  "audio IO stuck......closing audio"
  If I use the flag "-noadc" then I don't get the error, but I need to be able to put sound in.

  I installed Tck/tk and with the help of Ben have managed to get to the point where I can switch to the directory that contains PD.  but when I type "./pd" the computer responds with a no such file name error.  Is there some way that you can end up not being able to run applications in tck/tk?  Perhaps I did something wrong with the instillation.

  If I could fix either of these problems, then I would be happy...Until then...sad.

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