[PD] dynamic etern/subpatch instantiation?

David Sabine dave at davesabine.com
Fri Oct 25 00:34:20 CEST 2002

Hello all,

I know this original post was from a year ago...but this problem still exists in PD in Win XP (and likely other Windows versions).  Has anybody discovered a sensible 'fix'?

Dave Sabine.

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awsome, thanks for all your help everyone, i'm really impressed at how 
much i can do with pd. 

on the flip side, i can reliably crash pd on my win2k machine here by 
clicking a few times on the open message box so that i have a few 
duplicate x.pd windows open, then hitting the close message box. is this a 
known issue? here are my two patches: 


#N canvas 453 249 452 302 10; 
#X msg 43 82 \; pd-x.pd menuclose; 
#X msg 45 35 \; pd open x.pd c:/pd/joschi/; 


#N canvas 0 0 454 304 12; 
#X obj 115 100 foobar; 


On Wed, 19 Dec 2001, Miller Puckette wrote: 

> An easier way than self-modifying patches migth be to open a top-level 
> patch by message passing. For instance if you have a patch, /tmp/x.pd, here's 
> a patch to open and close it: 
> #N canvas 453 249 450 300 10; 
> #X msg 43 82 \; pd-x.pd menuclose; 
> #X msg 45 35 \; pd open x.pd /tmp; 
> cheers 
> Miller 

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