[PD] dynamic etern/subpatch instantiation?

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Fri Oct 25 09:27:05 CEST 2002

hi David (and the devs),

sure this issue is well known...

...I mean, this is the same ``dangling pointers'' horror discussed
on several occasions, like selfmod crashes, settable receive, etc.
For a clear example, try the attached patch.

I think the main headache over how to deal with this might be that
there are so many different ways, each having its weaknesses --
using t_pdsmart* instead of t_pd* (just a joke);  locking (or
deferring any modification to) `bindlisted' data;  or simply
terminating bindlist traversal after any bind/unbind action, i.e.
if 'dirty' flag is set ('inuse' flag would be needed too).

Who is going to decide?


David Sabine wrote:
 > on the flip side, i can reliably crash pd on my win2k machine here by
 > clicking a few times on the open message box so that i have a few
 > duplicate x.pd windows open, then hitting the close message box. is this a
 > known issue? here are my two patches:
 > #X msg 43 82 \; pd-x.pd menuclose;
 > #X msg 45 35 \; pd open x.pd c:/pd/joschi/;
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