[PD] 6 channel out w/ emagic 2|6 on w2k

sofa king tekfumusic at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 25 03:19:50 CEST 2002

greetings and disclaimer!
i'm new to the list. searched the archives and found a
little discussion about asio a while back and short
discussion about emagic and osx but nothing on my
particular problem. i apologize if it's been covered
i have two w2k pcs. one laptop(compaq presario 300mhz p3)
and one desktop(dell 800mhz p3). same problem on both. 

i have successfully gotten 2 channel audio out of the
emagic but not 6. i have tried lots of command line
c:\pd -asio -nomidi -audiooutdev 2 -outchannels 6
smaller and larger versions of that line in many
permutations. most work with 2 channels on the emagic no
problem but i've yet to get sound from channels 3-6.i
generally use the test patch from the help menu but have
tried homegrown ones as well with no luck... 

any tips?


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