[PD] [OT] CEAIT Festival 2003 - Call for Submissions

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Mon Oct 28 22:57:13 CET 2002

CEAIT Festival 2003 - January 10-12 (Friday - Sunday) - Call for 

The Center for Experiments in Art, Information, and Technology (CEAIT) 
is holding its 6th annual festival of electronic music. The festival is 
student-organized and, over the past five years, has presented a wide 
range of performances and installations, many of which integrated media 
outside audio such as dance, video, text and computer graphics. 
Presentations have included works by Maggi Payne, Todd Winkler, Pamela 
Z, Joe Colley, Blectum from Blechdom, Bob Gonsalves, Ted Apel, Douglas 
Repetto, and many others.

We are accepting proposals for presentation at this year's festival, 
January 10-12, 2003.


We accept pieces that are max. 15 minutes long.

Pieces for:  live electronics, instrumental performers with tape or 
computer, tape alone, video tape, or computer alone; audio and web 
installations will also be considered provided that the artist or group 
be responsible for set up and maintenance of their piece. There is a 
preference for live work over tape/CD  only pieces, although tape/CD 
only pieces will also be programmed.
A composer or group may submit up to two works. We accept submissions 
on Compact Disc, VHS, CD-ROM, or DVD.

For pieces involving  performers, the composer needs to provide the 
performers and make necessary arrangements for the performance.

For pieces with image, we will have a projector with VHS, DVD, or 
CD-ROM playback available.  All video Submissions  should be in NTSC 

Please provide a representative  version of what will be performed live.

Please include with each submission:

    -  bios
    -  program notes
    -  composer's or group's contact information including email
    -  a list of technical requirements

Please note: The festival does not provide financial support for any 
travel or production expenses. Any submitted materials cannot be 
returned unless an SASE is included in the submission.

All submissions should be postmarked by Monday, December 2nd, 2002, and 
sent to the following address:

California Institute of the Arts
CEAIT Festival 2003
School of Music
24700 McBean Parkway
Valencia, CA 91355

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